Submissions are open for our general issue (due out April, 2016) and theme issue on heat (due out August, 2016).


Rappahannock Review, a literary magazine based at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, invites submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, for its summer theme issue, "Heat," due out in August 2016.

Calories. Degrees. Attraction. Fever. Consumption. Things that are steamy, humid. Things that experience loss. The Miami basketball team.* Jungles, saunas, deserts, the space shuttle launch pad. What happens when things get heated, boil over? Burning: see passion. Burning: see flames. Show us your intersections with heat, literal or figurative. 

For its upcoming issue, Rappahannock Review invites submissions of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction that consider all the manifestations of heat. (*Okay, the basketball one would have to be very good and offer an unexpected angle on the topic. We aren't looking for Dwyane Wade fanfiction!) Please submit up to five poems, fiction (one piece up to 8,000 words or three pieces of flash, each containing 1,000 words or fewer), or nonfiction (one piece up to 8,000 words or three pieces of flash, each containing 1,000 words or fewer).

We will accept submissions for this theme issue from December 18 to February 29, 2016. Please follow all submission instructions from our General Guidelines, as seen below. 

General Guidelines:

We do not accept previously published work, including work that has appeared online in blogs or other forums. Simultaneous submissions are fine, though if your work is accepted elsewhere, please email us immediately at

If you are submitting poetry or flash pieces compile your work into a single document and then upload your submission. Authors who submit more than one file per genre will have their work returned unread.

Current or former employees of the University of Mary Washington are not eligible to submit work to the Rappahannock Review. We will not consider work from current UMW students; however, we will read work from alumni who graduated three or more years ago. If you are a previous contributor, please wait a year from publication before resubmitting work.


We accept poems ranging in any length and employing any aesthetic, including free verse, prose poems, and formal poetry. Authors may send up to five poems per submission. Poems may be part of a series. 


Authors of creative nonfiction may submit a single essay with a maximum length of 8,000 words or three shorter pieces each containing no more than 1,000 words. Submissions may range from flash nonfiction to extended memoir. Experimental form is encouraged. We would like to see essays with insightful perspective and attention to craft.


Rappahannock Review is looking for original, well-written fiction. Submissions may contain one piece of up to 8,000 words or three pieces of flash, each containing 1,000 words or fewer. Pieces experimenting with form are encouraged. Although we are interested in a wide range of fiction, we will consider short, self-contained genre fiction (that is, no novel excerpts) that avoids cliché and experiments with the flexibility of its genre.

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